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Lets Talk Magazine, Post on 12th March, 2015
Trespass – Dan, Paul, Mark, Dave and James – a new version of the band.

Let’s Talk’s Memory Lane pages don’t just remind readers of times gone by. They can do the same for those people featured in the photos too. Guitarist Dave Crawte, of Suffolk heavy rock band Trespass, is one of them. Rachel Banham spoke to him.

t’s more than 35 years since Suffolk band Trespass released their debut single, and now musicians Dave Crawte and Mark Sutcliffe have reformed the band. What’s more, they have also formed a duo as a tribute to one of their biggest influences – the band Status Quo.

 Trespass – Dan, Paul, Mark, Dave and James – a new version of the band.

Trespass – Dan, Paul, Mark, Dave and James – a new version of the band.

A picture of Trespass on stage in Sudbury, Suffolk, featured in Let’s Talk’s Memory Lane section in December. A colleague of Dave’s wife saw it and told her about it. She bought a copy of the magazine, and memories came flooding back for Dave.

“It was a nice surprise seeing that particular photo of the original line-up,” he says. “We spent a while trying to figure out where the gig was, still not sure, but it was definitely one of the first few shows we did. It certainly brought back some memories of the time and a few smiles to our faces!”

Dave contacted Let’s Talk to explain that he is the guitarist in the centre of the picture and the lead vocalist/guitarist on the right is Mark Sutcliffe. Trespass, from Sudbury, Suffolk, released their debut single in 1979. Dave recalls how Trespass have been a bit of an enigma to most people in the music business over the years, having disappeared off the radar in 1983 after much talk and promise of “making it”.

“At the time, 35 years ago, when we had our first single out, which was the One Of These Days single, we were being talked about all over the country in the music business, and we were sort of being earmarked to be the next big signing,” he says.

The band recorded a Radio 1 session for DJ Tommy Vance, and played a gig at a church in Sudbury with Radio Caroline which was attended by 600 people.

“John Peel played us quite a lot back in those days. He was local and he used to play us because we were local,” Dave adds. “We were a little bit different to other bands. It was the sort of punk crossover era. One of the interests he had in us was that he wasn’t quite sure what we were!

“He talked about Trespass and wasn’t quite sure where we were coming from, but loved the music.”

Trespass reformed a few times in the ‘90s and ‘00s for festivals in Germany and Japan and have had three compilation CDs released. Dave recalls how he and founder members Mark and Paul Sutcliffe have been involved in a few other projects over the years, including another local band called Blue Blood.

Dave and Mark have now reformed the band and have recorded an album of all their old songs, brought up to date sound and technology wise. “Recently in the last year or two we have been recording all the old stuff again… just to bring them all up to date with the modern technology,” Dave says. “And then we are writing new stuff, hopefully for a new album as well.

“It’s fresh because we haven’t done it for a while. So at the moment we are all enthusiastic and really enjoying it. It’s basically having fun – that’s what we’re aiming to do.”

The new version of the band will play at a music festival in Newcastle in February. “2015 is going to be a big year for us, hopefully,” Dave says. “One of the things we regret from years ago was that, because the big scene was London, we neglected the local scene a little bit.

“We’re hoping to put that right and do a lot more local stuff this time round.”

  • Trespass played the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) festival Brofest, in Newcastle, on February 28 and hope to have more festival bookings in the summer. To find out more, visit: 416425338487231
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  • Status Quo have been a big influence on Dave and Mark, so it’s fitting that they have now formed their own tribute to the band, called Not Quite Quo. “I learned to play the guitar listening to them,” Dave recalls. “I always go on about how when I was away at boarding school watching Status Quo on Top of the Pops doing Caroline in 1973, that was a turning point of my life.

“I was 13 years old and I said ‘that’s what I want to be’. From that moment on, that’s all that I concentrated on. Along with the Trespass reunion, Mark and I are working on a Status Quo tribute. It’s a duo.”

  • Not Quite Quo have just started booking venues and are playing at The Prince in Sudbury on Good Friday, April 3, and at Isaacs, Ipswich, on May 1. To find out more, visit:

Trespass’s biggest claim to fame is the influence they had on the birth of the band Metallica in the early 1980s. Dave explains how he and Mark are proud to still be friends with the band and recently met up with them at the Sonisphere Festival 2014.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and singer/guitarist James Hetfield were members of the Trespass fan club back in 1979. “I’ve got letters somewhere from James and from Lars saying how they love the stuff and how they play it whenever they rehearse in their garage,” Dave recalls.

“About five years ago I saw them at the O2. I had met them beforehand and when they went on for their encore, they started playing the intro to One Of These Days, our single. “You can imagine what that was like for me in the crowd… it was brilliant.”



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