Readers' Letters

Rodents on prescription

L M Jenner Holbrook

It was interesting to read Ann Ramsbottom’s and Margaret Manning’s old remedies (Letters). I was given a mouse to eat for whoopingread more

Any colour, so long as it’s white

David M Coe Norwich

When we get older many of us look back on the jobs our late family members did and reflect how things haveread more

Grace and favour

Clive M Bedwell Corton

The feature ‘cuddle in the car’ reminded me of a true story from yesteryear. Picture the scene: a quiet Suffolk village withread more

Toilets as art

Margaret Manning Whangarei, New Zealand

It was interesting reading about Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s building in Vienna in the February Lets Talk. He was so well known in more

Well sinking a dangerous job

Brian Harber Canberra, Australia

I would like to add to David Coe’s letter re well sinking (March). The firm I worked for in Wrentham, Suffolk, didread more

Making light of ‘man flu’

ANN RAMSBOTTOM Little Plumstead, Norwich

I was sorry to hear that poor Mr Haverson succumbed to Man Flu (The Last Word, March). I have a husband andread more

Pier poser

Derek Cook Gorleston

Re- April issue, “It happened then”, the picture of men outside Britannia Pier entrance was obviously posed for, the planking would haveread more

That’s entertainment

Marjorie Hamond Bradwell

  I was surprised to see a picture of myself on page 86 of the April issue of Let’s Talk. I amread more

How to beat gout

Graham Pickhaver Briston, Melton Constable

I was interested to read Terry Redhead’s article on gout (April, 2014). I developed gout a few years ago. While on holidayread more

It ain’t half hot

Kevin Douglas Melton, Woodbridge

Some Norfolk lads serving at (what looks like) RAF Bhita (I think the correct spelling may be Bihta) in India in more

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