Readers' Letters

Do you recall Mr Petty?

Wendy Petty Thetford

In April’s Memory Lane (M38864-15A) there was a picture of my late father-in-law Alex Petty standing in the doorway of Elm Roadread more

My strategy to fight loneliness

Paul Staples Worstead

I was reading an article in Let’s Talk on loneliness. I have a few observations to make which may help some otherread more

The harsh side of discipline

Pam Appleby Botesdale

I find ageing very interesting. There were good things and bad things. We were much more disciplined, but sometimes this could beread more

Tea and a few tears with Joe

Ann Ramsbottom Little Plumstead, Norwich

Many thanks for publishing my letter re Joe Stirling (March). As a result, I received a call from Phyllida Scrivens, who isread more

Non-fraternisation in Germany


Most people in England on VE Day would understandably not wonder or even care what the experience the German civilians were havingread more

Arthur, his wartime book and a bacon roll

Brian Harber Canberra, Australia

Reading re the end of the Second World War (May) brought back some memories of Arthur Brough. I was staying with myread more

My pen pal from Kansas

Mrs JOAN COBBOLD Stowmarket

Following the story of pen pals, I hope readers might be interested in my friendship, which started in 1941. I was anread more

How much is that villa, Lita?

Mike Randall by email

Just got round to reading Dr Vinyl (Steve Burns’s) January 2014 edition. I love Steve’s articles, they take me back to myread more

When I sang on stage with Doddy

I loved reading the article about Ken Dodd in the May issue. He is quite remarkable and has done so much forread more

A fine Maltese winter

Mr L J Horton Gorleston

With reference to Ann Ramsbottom’s letter in the April issue, my wife and I also have a holiday romance with Malta. Weread more

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