Readers' Letters

A round of the wards

Anne Wales Felthorpe

I loved seeing the picture on page 19 (May) of Eaton Ward at the West Norwich Hospital. I was particularly interested seeingread more

You’d be nuts to believe this

David King Fordham St Martin, Bury St Edmunds

While stationed at RAF Akrotiri, in Cyprus, on April 1, the Forces Broadcasting Service in Cyprus did a piece about a Professorread more

Class of 1963

Christine Castell, née Barwood by email

I recently received the Dec 2015 Let’s Talk from my mother-in-law. Within the Memory Lane section a large photo of Notre Dameread more

From city to country


Thinking back to the Second World War, I have so many memories of getting to know evacuee children who came from more

I was a living scarecrow

B E STUBBS Shotley Gate, Ipswich

With reference to our “Evacuee” story. With my 13 months younger sister, on September 1 1939, our school, Alibon Road, Dagenham, weread more

Mystery picture

RON GREEN Thetford

My half-brother has just rented an old four-bedroom farmhouse. On showing me around it was quite interesting. Being over six feet tallread more

Cricketer, baker – and dancer


I noticed on Page 88 of April’s magazine a picture of an old friend I last saw in 1958! The chap, thirdread more

Let’s hear it for our NHS

MARGARET MOORE Long Melford, Sudbury

It’s there when you need it. In this age of criticism and complaint and don’t pretend you, like myself, haven’t been partread more

Broccoli boost

Nick Sellex by email

Re: The Last Word (April). If you lived in my house you would get broccoli six times a week and tomatoes onread more

Our exercises in arithmetic


Reading Terry Redhead’s monthly moan (February/March) issues, brought back memories. Terry thought he was getting old, relishing certain elements of everyday more

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