Readers' Letters

Rangers return

MIKE MASON Nailsea, Somerset

I recently celebrated my 80th birthday. I have been reading Let’s Talk for many years. I have been a Norwich City Footballread more

Be genuine or stay silent

Sally Burton-Pye Cromer

I always enjoy ‘The Last Word’ and reading “Have we embraced supermarket speak?” in the August issue made me smile. Neil isread more

Sandy from South Africa

Bob Knights Drayton, Norwich

All this excitement about Norwich City FC achieving Premier League status jogged my memory of years ago. I was on HMS Birminghamread more

Our coast – through thick and thin

SHEILA HUNTING (nee STAFF) Leiston, Suffolk

The Suffolk coast has many memories for me. Born within sound and sight of the sea, throughout my life I’ve had happyread more

Pen pal from the Wild West


I refer to the recent pen friend articles published in Let’s Talk. I had a pen friend many years ago. At thatread more

The joys of Chemistry


Regarding your article about Chemistry sets in your April edition – suddenly brought back memories of the Chemistry set I owned. Asread more

The Fakenham XI


Looking through old photographs I came across this one of a cricket team at Fakenham Grammar School, (1959/1960). I remember what Saturdaysread more

Do you recall Mr Petty?

Wendy Petty Thetford

In April’s Memory Lane (M38864-15A) there was a picture of my late father-in-law Alex Petty standing in the doorway of Elm Roadread more

My strategy to fight loneliness

Paul Staples Worstead

I was reading an article in Let’s Talk on loneliness. I have a few observations to make which may help some otherread more

The harsh side of discipline

Pam Appleby Botesdale

I find ageing very interesting. There were good things and bad things. We were much more disciplined, but sometimes this could beread more

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