Readers' Letters

I remember Tony Brent

Margaret Lunn by email

I was pleased to see that a couple of Tony Brent’s records have been included in the recent lists of readers’ Topread more

I danced The Twist with Chubby Checker

Pat Gooch Norwich

I enjoyed your feature about The Twist (Dr Vinyl, November 2014); it brought back a lovely memory. In 1962 a friend ofread more

Resting place for Johnny

JOHN HEMBLEN Sprowston, Norwich

I enjoyed David Clayton’s story about Johnny Morris (February). Last year I stayed at Warners Hotel Littlecote House, which is just outsideread more

Joe Stirling’s moving tale

Ann Ramsbottom Little Plumstead, Norwich

I have read in the past in your magazine of readers meeting or brushing shoulders with famous people. My only experience wasread more

Our trip to the land of the midnight sun

Ian & Bev Shreeve Horsford, Norwich

My wife and I have been most fortunate to have travelled to many places in the world,read more

My part in the Malayan Emergency

P J HUNT Chesterton, Cambridge

During my naval career I served with 848 Royal Naval Air Squadron during which time I was in charge of its firstread more

Making a mental connection

Pam Appleby Botesdale

Neil Haverson’s article on these very clever machines (The Last Word, February) is interesting. To me, it helps to explain telepathy. Myread more

A fatal error

Verna Titmarsh (formerly Knight)

The letter from Mrs Hawes of King’s Lynn re the insurance man (December) and the nuts reminded me of my mistake manyread more

Hello Eileen

Brian Harber Canberra, Australia

Thanks very much for passing on the email from my old friend Eileen Witton (Letters, December). I hadn’t seen or talked toread more

So good to get back in touch with Pat

Bob Knights Norwich

Just read the December issue. On Page 6 (Briefing)you have an article on Pat Howe. I first met Pat in the lateread more

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