Readers' Letters

Sir Terry spreads good cheer


It was very interesting to read about Sir Terry Wogan (July issue). He always seems so happy and full of life. Myread more

A walk and a whack


Very many years ago, in the 1920s, I lived in the little enclave of West Carr, Attleborough. If you go about aread more

On the A17 with a Vespa

Ray Whiley Eaton

Swineshead Revisited’ (David Clayton, July). We first travelled the A17 from Norfolk to Newark in 1959 – not by car but byread more

Back to the ranks

Mr E GATHERCOLE Hunstanton

In the July issue there is a mistake in The Last Word article, by Neil Haverson. I would assume that either Neilread more

How to hear Alan

George Lawson By email

I am 79 now, so I go back to the Second World War years and I remember Alan Breeze very well (Let’sread more

Well remembered

E R THOMPSON Beeston Regis

Reading David Coe’s memories of the well a while ago (Let’s Talk letters) brought to me my own memories of the same more

Terry, Janet and John


  Seeing Terry Wogan featured on the cover of Let’s Talk (July) was wonderfully nostalgic and yet sad in a way. Heread more

Offers to shatter the ego

Ann Ramsbottom Little Plumstead, Norwich

Really Mr James – ‘Pensioner’, Senior Citizen or a person of mature years please (Let’s Talk, June). Seriously, how often have Iread more

Stick with the originals

MARGARET MANNING Whangarei, New Zealand

I just have to comment on Neil Haverson’s observations (The Last Word, July) about the possible re-make of some popular comedy more

Funeral in Leiston

COLIN HARPER Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

Here is a postcard from my late parents’ belongings. I wonder if any reader can identify the military funeral in Leiston, onread more

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